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Dental Phobias Lead to Poor Oral Health in Patients

By Santa Fe Dental | May 4, 2017

Dental anxiety is a condition that we commonly see at our family dentistry in Edmond, Oklahoma. Dental anxiety elevates from a simply preference to avoid the dentist to a phobia when it starts having a significant impact on a patient’s well-being. For example, people who suffer from dental phobias are more likely to have untreated…

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Poor Oral Health Linked to Malnutrition

By Santa Fe Dental | Apr 10, 2017

As your Edmond family dentist, our team at Santa Fe Dental strives to help educate our patients on the many ways that our oral health can impact our overall health. Recent research has shown that the mouth/body connection is very real, and that by suffering from poor oral health we can significantly increase our risk…

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Study Finds Heavy Smoking May Undermine Implant Success

By Santa Fe Dental | Feb 23, 2017

Heavy smoking may negatively impact the optimal time for implant placement, according to a recent study. Researchers discovered that heavy smoking slowed the health of posterior mandible implant but did not impact the survival rate of implants. The results of this study heavily suggest that smoking promoted the loss of marginal bone and the continued…

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Five more common dental health problems

By Santa Fe Dental | Jan 7, 2016

Santa Fe Dental, your Edmond, Oklahoma dentist of choice, cares for dental problems of all types, from those caused by bad habits to genetic and environmental factors. Last month we covered five common dental health problems that impact patients of all ages. Here are five more: Toothache Toothaches are painful and irritating. They are caused…

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Do children need to floss for great dental health?

By Santa Fe Dental | Dec 30, 2015

At Santa Fe Dental, your family dentist in Edmond, Oklahoma, many parents ask: “Do I need to floss my toddler’s teeth“? The answer is yes! Flossing can be the most overlooked part of keeping a child’s teeth clean, one that is critically important in preventing cavities. Flossing is important because it enables you to clean…

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How much sugar is too much for dental health?

By Santa Fe Dental | Dec 15, 2015

Sugar is one of a dentist’s biggest enemies as it is used as the primary energy source by the bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities on your teeth. This has prompted the American Heart Association to warn everyone regarding sugar consumption over the last few years. Sugar is naturally occurring in many foods but…

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Fun dental facts

By Santa Fe Dental | Sep 21, 2015

Here at Santa Fe Dental, your dentist for families in Edmond, OK we are always on the lookout for interesting facts about our profession. Here is some information we found out about dental health and its history: The second most common disease in the United States is cavities. The first is the common cold. There…

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Regular dental checkups are important to overall health

By Santa Fe Dental | Sep 15, 2015

Don’t put off your next visit to Santa Fe Dental in Edmond, Oklahoma any more! Recently, oral health issues have been increasingly linked to other health concerns, such as heart disease. Cardiovascular disease remains American’s number one killer, claiming more lives than any other cause of death, according to the American Heart Association. An estimated…

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What is a root canal?

By Santa Fe Dental | Sep 7, 2015

At Santa Fe Dental, your root canal in Edmond, Oklahoma experts, we know one thing no patient likes hearing when visiting our office is “root canal.” But what, exactly, is a root canal, and when might you need one? A root canal is a treatment we use to repair and save a tooth that is…

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