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sleep apnea treatment solutions in Edmond

Dispelling Common Sleep Apnea Myths

By Santa Fe Dental | Jan 28, 2021

At Santa Fe Dental, we know that patients often need help finding sleep apnea treatment in Edmond, OK. A lot of misinformation surrounds sleep apnea that makes it hard for patients dealing with the sleep disorder to know how to separate fact from fiction. So that you have the knowledge needed to find the sleep…

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sleep apnea treatment in Edmond, OK

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Rob You of Another Night’s Rest

By Santa Fe Dental | Dec 16, 2020

When it comes to sleep apnea treatment in Edmond, OK, you may not initially think that a dentist can help you achieve the better night’s sleep you desire. However, no branch of medicine better understands the mouth and how the formation of the jaw and teeth can impact breathing than dentists. With the Vivos System,…

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Edmond dental care

Despite Their Reputation, Root Canals Don’t Really Hurt

By Santa Fe Dental | Jan 28, 2020

When it comes to Edmond dental care, no procedure carries a worse reputation for causing discomfort than a root canal. For many patients, simply hearing the term “root canal” is enough to cause them to squirm uncomfortably in their chair. After all, a root involved drills and needles and all the things we dislike about…

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dental office in Edmond, OK

How Smoking Impacts Our Oral Health

By Santa Fe Dental | Dec 20, 2019

You don’t need to work in a dental office in Edmond, OK to know that smoking ranks as the most destructive habit a patient can have that threatens both their oral and overall health. Not only does smoking contribute to the development of cardiovascular and lung disease, but the habit also contributes to the development…

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dental office in Edmond, OK

How 3D Technology Improves Dental Care

By Santa Fe Dental | Oct 16, 2019

At Santa Fe Dental, we use the latest technology at our dental office in Edmond, OK to provide our patients with the outstanding care they need to enjoy a healthy, great looking for a lifetime. One of the tools we use to help improve patient care is the Gallileos 3D cone beam digital scanner from…

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best dentist in Edmond, OK

What Every Patient Needs to Know About Wearing Dentures

By Santa Fe Dental | Sep 17, 2019

You don’t become the best dentist in Edmond, OK without being able to help restore a patient’s smile back to health. For patients that have lost multiple teeth, dentures offer an affordable and lasting solution for repairing the long-term oral health of their smiles. While you might think that dentures look unnatural or phony, dentures…

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emergency dentist in Edmond, Oklahoma

When to See an Emergency Dentist in Edmond

By Santa Fe Dental | Aug 27, 2019

As an emergency dentist in Edmond, Oklahoma, our team at Santa Fe Dental understands that some dental problems just can’t wait until an appointment opens up on the schedule. That’s why we offer same day emergency dental appointments to patients who need immediate care. Of course, not every twinge of pain or uncomfortable bite means…

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Invisalign Santa Fe

5 Reasons Why Invisalign is Right for You

By Santa Fe Dental | May 20, 2019

Studies have shown that a straight, healthy looking smile ranks as one of the biggest contributing factors to making a good first impression. One study – conducted by researchers at Leeds and Central Lancashire University – found that when shown 150 different images of men and women, participants selected the images of those with the…

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Santa Fe family dental practice

New Antibiotic Offers Significant Potential in Fighting Gum Disease

By Santa Fe Dental | Nov 13, 2018

At our Santa Fe family dental practice, our team works hard to help protect the oral health of all of our patients. One of the biggest threats our patients face to enjoying a great looking smile for a lifetime is severe gum disease, or periodontitis. A chronic infection, periodontitis attacks the gum tissue and underlying…

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